DIY Homemade Recycled Plastic Windmill

How to make small windmills with plastic bottles for your bike or garden for the summer.



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Materials – Plastic bottle, 2 corks, 8mm beads, 1,4 x 40mm nails, cable clip 1,4 x 3.6mm
Tools – Knife, rotary hole punch, bradawl, scissors
Make a card template 10cm squared, marking 4cm into the centre on each corner

  • Cut flat section out of the bottle
  • Cut a square of plastic, fold diagonally both ways to find the centre
  • Cut 4cm into the centre on each corner
  • Make a hole in the centre and holes in the left hand corner of each segment
  • Cut the cork in half with the knife
  • Make a hole through, near one end.
  • Slide the cable tie through the hole
  • Slide a bead onto a nail, thread through all four corner holes in turn, then through the centre hole.
  • Add another bead, push into the cork.
  • Adjust to make sure it spins
  • Attach with the cable tie