Making Stars from Cans

Complete tutorial on how to make stars from your favorite beverage can. A fun project using completely free materials (because it is 100% recycled supplies). Aluminum soda cans are like the Altoid Tins of the beverage industry. You can easily modify and repurpose them in so many fun and useful ways. And of course, everything I show in the video can truly be made for FREE. I have been experimenting for many years to find tools, gadgets and other fun stuff that can be made from left over cans. Many of these can be acomplished with some different and simple hacks!

WARNING: Please exercise caution when working with any of these tools or materials. Ensure you have proper safety gear and responsible supervision (if needed). There is a risk of sharp edges that could cut you. You are responsible for the risks that you are willing to take and the devices/tools you make.



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