DIY Upcycled Clock Frame

Fill the walls with photos, quotes and things that hold meaning… printing and hanging memorable photos.

This project took longer than I expected due to the time I spent reminiscing over our photos… but the DIY process was a breeze.

I love how easy it is to transform a simple clock into a clean, functional frame.

I’ll have to rotate the photo every once in a while so I can keep admiring all the treasured family photos.


Materials Needed:

-Printed photo
-Leather strap
-Bronze circular stud
-Xacto knife



1. Take apart your clock.
2-4. Cut your photo to the size of the inside of the clock. Tape or glue your photo over the original clock numbers. Put your clock back together so it is now a picture frame.
5-6. Using your x-acto knife, cut two slits through the leather and side of the clock. If your clock is not plastic, you can use a drill. Secure leather to your frame with the circular stud by flattening the prongs on the underside of the frame.

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