Gallery: Rick Rack Ruby Tie bags


1. Here is one of my “famous” necktie handbags. This one has a peacock theme and is accented with a vintage peacock brooch. September 29, 2004

2. Necktie handbag October 05, 2004

3. A Special Order October 05, 2004

4. “1000 points” messenger bag . If you look closely you can see that I have inserted tie tips into the the seams on the front like feathers. It was really hard to keep everything lined up. It turned out great though, didn’t it? October 14, 2004

5. Gypsy Rose Necktie Bag. After making six new skirts I had loads of leftover skinny ends so I made several of these Gypsy Rose Necktie Bags. This is my very favorite style of bag – to make and to carry. The rose is made from a necktie too. October 22, 2004

6. 1970’s Necktie Gypsy Rose Bag December 07, 2004

7. This one was lingering unfinished until I found the perfect vintage enamel daisy pin. Doesn’t the pin look great? December 26, 2004

8. Skirt, Bag and Daisies all made from the same bunch of ties! January 03, 2005

In an effort to use up every part of every tie I have an illustration of three projects made from the same 15 ties!

I’ve made the skirt first from the wide ends of the ties, then the daisies from the tips, then the handbag from the straight part in between.

Well, to be honest, there actually is a section left over from the center of the tie, even after all of these projects. I’m determine to design something perfect to utililize this odd-shaped piece. I’ll keep you posted.

9. Is it Spring Yet? January 14, 2005

10. Baby Blue Necktie Handbag January 14, 2005

11. Red Rose Valentine Necktie bag January 28, 2005

12. Valentine Necktie Handbag with Vintage Enamel Flower Pin February 09, 2005

13. Pink and Purple Necktie Handbag February 18, 2005

14. Handbag for Adele March 26, 2005

15. Necktie Backpack. As promised – here is the necktie backpack. It wasn’t as much work as I remembered – in fact it was fun! The best part is that it uses up a lot of leftover pieces that I tend to accumulate. What do you think? April 01, 2005

16. Hot Pink Necktie Handbag April 03, 2005

Here is the handbag that I made from the leftover bits of the Pink and Purple Necktie Skirt. I lined it in hot pink velveteen and added a giant rhinestone brooch. Is this taking things a little too far?

17. Gypsy Collage Messenger Bag May 10, 2005

18. Back to School. July 30, 2005

I set out to design an alternative to the messenger bag. Lifting the flap every time I want to open the bag is a little tiresome. Also, when the bag is really stuffed it just doesn’t look right. I wanted a BIG bag – big enough for schoolbooks, but easy to open and close. So, here is my first effort. What do you think?

19. Tutorial for Necktie Schoolbag! August 02, 2005

I made a couple of adjustments in the schoolbag. It’s a little smaller – five ties across instead of six. Tutorial here.

20. The Ruby Slouch August 28, 2005

Presenting…. The Ruby Slouch! I have been working on this design for a while. It’s kind of tricky, but I like the way it turned out. This one is for me.



Rick Rack Ruby, USA


Laura Kluvo is a fashion designer in Scottsdale Arizona. She has a blog where she shares some of the things she’s working on. She also presents original sewing and craft tutorials on youtube.

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Laura’s projects are in date order, oldest first – you can see the progression of designs. It’s very inspiring.