Green Origami Project

Green Origami Project aims to promote environmental awareness through recycling and reusing papers. To make this project fun, we use art of paper folding (also know as Origami). The idea is transform used papers into highly functional, decorate and useful daily items, games, toys, or gift.

Project Benefits

Origami is an art of paper folding from a single or multiple sheets of papers. Folding may be done without scissor or glue and the final product can be firm, aesthetic and highly functional. The art of Origami can be used to train mathematics mind and logic thinking. At the same time, it can be used to develop  creative thinking and innovative idea development.

These development will be achieved through our fun and interactive learning environment. It has been proven as an effective channel to boost academic studies, problem solving and memory empowerment.
We have integrated with Creative Art as Therapy and Creativity-Juice program to unleash creativity talent and thinking, balancing use of left- and right- brain. This project is also great way to keep our both brains active, mind and hands co-ordination and healthy activity.


Project Green Origami has proven with aesthetic, strong and functional items for office, home and gift.

Here are some of the items:

  • Reusable Coasters set for tea break and keep the table clean and without heat.
  • Functional gift bags and containers for storage.
  • Useful items for phone holders and stands.
  • Organizing tools for cables and stationeries.
  •  Photoframes and display for office and home.
  • Safety covers and pockets for sharp objects.
  • Strong travel wallets and coin purse.
  • Idea for readers with page cover, corners and bookmarks.
  • Hardcover high quality notebooks for writing and sketching.
  • Paper seeding pots for clean gardening.
  • Waste container box keeping away messy bones after meals.
  • Fun games and toys for children and adult.



“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

― Mahatma Gandhi


Gift Boxes
Stationery Case
Cable Organizer
Foldable Travel Wallet cum Container
Bouquet of Flowers
Brush and Chopsticks holders
Dustbin Scoop
Fishbone storage box

UniqArts, Singapore


Mr. Lee Thiam Seng (Paul) is a Singapore born artist, art therapist, and consultant. He is the founder of UniqArts and Technologies.

Mr. Lee has facilitated many creative and art projects for therapeutic and developmental for children and adult. He has experiences in running individual and group art therapy treatment for children and adult at schools and hospitals.

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