Papers including gift wrap and wallpaper

PET plastic

PP Plastic (file dividers)

Roses Kawazaki with the Phu Tran variation
Oritudo series (Keila Correa's dica)

Cartons (Tetra Pak)

Poodle design by Seiji Nishikawa
Dollar Crane Ring design by Jim Churn
Telescope design by Seiji Nishikawa

Ecogami, Brazil

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Biology, Education, Arts and Crafts

Giuliano Salvado has been a freelancer with Ecogami since 2013. He has a backgound in biology and computer science.

Ecogami intends to disseminate knowledge and information about Biology, Education, Art, and Crafts  as well as instigating, instructing, educating all those who feel interested in acquiring more knowledge, with the aim of learning related artistic techniques that involve the folding,  paper, the symbolism and the language of communication of that art.


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I’m not sure I have all the designers names correct – translating makes this more challenging.