Hammocks from school milk bags

“Recycling waste from school milk programs. Based on the philosophy of sufficiency economy “

The Milk school project was established to address the problem of malnutrition in children. In one year 271 Ban Nong Yao students  dumped 271 bags of milk per day and 1,355 bags per week, and a significant amount of waste is increasing. The school has met with problems caused by the bags of milk dropped into these bins,  including the stench of rotten milk.

Ban Nong Yao is thus solving the problem of recycling waste from the school milk scheme; Global Warming Hammock Cribs from milk bags. Ban Nong Yao School is the inventor of the first global warming bag hammock in Thailand.

This hammock use 2088 milk bags. Finished size of each milk plastic bag is 5 * 10 cm. (3)

Contact them for instructions on how to do so at 053-346444 or on Facebook
To support children’s work, the hammocks can be ordered on Facebook (4)

Hammock from school milk bag, price 500 baht (shipping not included)
Delivery to destinations nationwide. Or can visit the children’s work at the school


Ban Nong Yai School, Thailand


Ban Nong Yai School Chiang Mai , Thailand.


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