DIY "Milk Carton Basket" No Glue

How to make basket from milk cartons. NO SEW & NO GLUE
You can also use old orange juice cartons or the same size boxes.

And there you have it! A recycled “Milk Carton Basket”

I made this basket from original tutorial How to make bag from milk carton by NOK Precision Component (Thailand) And I make my own the bigger tutorial.

Part 1

Collect and clean the milk cartons, make sure the inside is dry. Flatten and cut it into 2 cm. strips. Cut only 8 strips for beginning. (This flatten milk carton width is 8 cm.)
Flatten milk carton width 8 cm. = 2 cm. strips width. Don't cut all of your milk cartons, till you can weave 2 sets completely in part 2.
The milk carton strips (loops.)
Begin to weave as displayed in the picture.

Part 2

Continue to weave more set of the milk carton parts.
If there is a "hole" between 2 sets in this step, you must cut the strips wider.
Continue weave the new row above.
If your can not slip the last strip as shown in the picture, you must adjust the strips more narrow.
Weave it wide as you want. This will be the bottom of Milk Carton Basket.

Part 3

Weave the front and the side part together.
B. and C. will be the bottom of the "Milk Carton Basket" (You can weave bigger as you need)
Fold A. up as the front of the "Milk Carton Basket"
Fold the "loop" B. up, mark it as 1. (See the next picture)
Put a new strip (2.) in 1. Then slip A. through 1.
After tuck them all, keep one new strip.
Put the loop of new strip in left side of 2. and slip the excess tip through A above.
From last picture above, you already weave first set of the side.(S.1)
Continue to weave full side of the "Milk Carton Basket"
Slip S.1 through C.......(repeat the same step)
Weave around as you need the basket size.
Cut the top excess tip as shown in the right of picture, fold and tuck it inside the milk carton basket.
And there you have it! A recycled "Milk Carton Basket"

You can also weave the bigger size and insert the ribbon between the hole for carrying.
Choose, collect and create a colorful pattern, then make your own!

Although toilet paper rolls are rather rough, no colours.
But easier find and no odors.
Futhermore, I made the baskets from old magazines, not milk carton just similar but not the same as originl method.

DIY Done Its Yours, Thailand




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