Hot Plate Holder from postcards

Hot Plate Holder

Use 40 or 60 old postal cards. There are 48 in the holder in the chart.

1. Arrange the card so that the stamp mark falls in the upper left corner. Peak and valley fold on the dotted lies.

2. Valley fold the top layer only on the dotted lines.

3. Peak old both layers on the dotted lines.

4. Take the lowest point of the inner square in your fingertips, and pull straight out till the model assumes the shape in step 5.

5. The model should look like this. Make as many as them as you have postal cards.

6. Join the individual sections as you see in step 6. Peak fold the top section’s triangular flaps into the pocket in the under section.

7. Two sections joined should look like this.

8.Continue adding sections until you form a ring.

9. The completed holder.

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