How to make bag from milk carton (original)

These instructions for a ‘Brandnom’ bag’ (in Thai) are from KM (Knowledge Management) NOK Precision Component (Thailand) from June 2009, who don’t seem to have a website anymore. They can however, be found here. (1) & (3)

These milk carton bags made, use and sell in minimart as welfare for employees.  Also used as gifts or souvenir for compamy’s customer to raise the awareness on the environment hazards. (1)

Knowledge Management, NOK Precision Component, Thailand

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NOK Precision Component (Thailand) Ltd.

NOK Club provided handicraft training for employees where they could meet and socialize, have activities together.

In the end, all the completed works are used in the factory and sold, including giving away to customers as a New Year’s gift by total income. Welfare for future employees.

NOK Head office, Tokyo, Japan

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