How to make straw stars

This tutorial will teach you how to make straw stars from basic materials.
You can use craft straw or any other type of straw available in your part of the world. For this one I’ve used water reeds along with split drinking hay straws. Japanese paper bands or any other similar material should do!

Water reeds are a very popular material in Australian Aboriginal culture.

3:36 6-pointed star
5:59 8-pointed star



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What have we learnt?


  • Draw a template with a compass – a circle with 6 equidistant intersections
  • Cut a toilet roll tube to make a ring 3cm high
  • Mark the base with these 6 marks and cut slits
  • Slot in a cap from a spice jar
  • Make a circle of cardboard that will slot inside the tube
  • Trim the reeds, split them with a knife and remove pith
  • 6 pointed star – lay 9 sticks, keepi place with the card circle
  • Knot on a thread – wind and weave the thread around the protruding sticks
  • Finish with a knot and the ends knotted to form a hanger
  • Trim and shape the sticks to form a star – remove from frame
  • 8 pointed star
  • Examples of 6, 7, 8 and 12 pointed stars