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In relation to using bicycle hoses etc. for hobby use, I have now received answers from Frank Jensen (Special Consultant (Chief Adviser) Danish Environmental Protection Agency Chemicals) He writes:

‘As far as I’ve been able to find out, bike hoses and the like. made of butyl rubber, which is a synthetic rubber consisting of a polymer of the substances isobutene and isoprene. Both of these substances are classified as carcinogenic in category 2, but since they are polymerized it is considered that there is no risk in this context.
A number of rubber chemicals are used in the production of the hoses, including antioxidants and perhaps PAHs. These may, depending on the substances used, be health-related. If these kinds of rubber pieces are used for jewelry, there will be a possibility of skin contact, and partly it cannot be ruled out that children can put a piece of jewelry in their mouths, and in this connection will be exposed to small amounts of these substances. So even though it probably does not pose an acute or demonstrable risk, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency nevertheless believes that such rubber should not be used in jewelery to avoid unnecessary exposure to these substances. It should also be stated that the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has no detailed knowledge of which substances are used specifically in the production of the hoses. ‘

Subsequently, I again spoke to Frank by telephone and in this connection he further states that he personally would not work, or use anything that comes into contact with the skin in the manufacture, or when using – such as a bracelet – or a bag of man going on and on. Last but not least, absolutely nothing that comes into contact with food (such as a bread basket) But here a completely different assessment about limit values ​​and legislation comes in, as it comes under food law.

If you are interested in the legislation on jewelry in general – what is allowed and the requirements for how you as a seller should be able to document what the items contain, etc., you will find the information on the Environmental Protection Agency website.

My personal conclusion is: I will not use, work and sell products made of bicycle hoses and related products. I also recommend my guests at the workshop not to. I will inform about this, after which it is the individual who decides how they relate. (period 😉

Do you want to use – reproduce the quote from Frank Jensen, you are welcome to do so. Frank states that statements such as the one sent here to me are public. As the above is not one specific unique product that can be investigated, the information / assessment here from the Environmental Protection Agency as such does not appear in newspapers and media, as otherwise directly regulated.

Gammelbro, Denmark

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