Windmill woven bags, Thailand

Two years ago, we started a recycling project with Tetra Pak, where the Tetra Pak packages would be turned into bags. Unfortunately, the project was not successful due to lack of staff.

Now, we are going to send all the Tetra Pak packages stored in our shop to Bangkok to the project called Green Roof project.

They melt down the packages and make roof tiles of it. The tiles are used for poor people’s homes.

Aunty Bees, Thailand


Aunty Bee is the local seamstress and batik and tie dye artist in the Langsod village, Koh Lanta Noi and Yai (two small tropical islands off the coast of Krabi, located 1 hour from Koh Phi Phi islands).

Small fair-trade business selling products to tourists. Started making bags from old rice sacks in 2017. Aunty Bee’s is growing bigger as Muslim women from the village joined in making upcycled handicraft with Tetra Pak packages and plastic straws.

Aunty Bee’s Eco-Handicraft stand for:

  • Hope for a greener and more sustainable Koh Lanta
  • Empowerment of local Muslim woman to get self-employed and creative.
  • Raising awareness about Trash and recycling.

All profits generated by Aunty Bee’s go to the local Muslim woman involved in the project.

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