Jewellery by Miriam Mitsuko Utsumi

Spool to make cat tail



Miriam Mitsuko Utsumi uses a variety of techniques to make her jewellery. I also include some projects which aren’t jewellery, but could be.

Cords are make using a Spool as above and are also used as handles of her bags.

Tiny flowers (see larger ones here) are made using heat treatment

Spirals made using heat treatment

Stars, I think they also use heat treatment.

Balls which I think are cut, not heat treated.


Pink bracelet
Brown bracelet
Red bracelet
Silver and PET pendant
Spiral earring
Flower necklace with heat treatment
Hair barrette with yellow flower
Pink flower ring
Flower ring
Rings with flowers
'Quill' necklace in pink and white
White star
Green star

Utsumi, Brazil


Brasil-based designer Takashi Utsumi designed the PET bottles shredder (filetadore), and Brazilian designer Miriam Mitsuko Utsumi reuses PET bottles in the making of many craft pieces, as bags, pencil cases and folders.

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