Coin purse - recycling bottle cap

A few days ago I saw a very original coin purse on the blog Ninha Croche by Sandra Simião (link no longer available). It was made with two plastic lids from cocoa cans. Between them was a crocheted stripe with a zipper in the middle. Very beautiful and original. Last night, at home, in the haberdashery where I keep things to recycle, I went looking for lids of this type to make something similar, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it…

As I had already decided to recycle, I looked at the material I had available and I had an idea. I decided to make a coin purse, like a purse, from the lid of a water bottle (those of 5 liters). The experience came out like this ↓

I loved it!!! It turned out better than I expected and so I decided to make another one, this time with PAP.Material needed:
1 plastic bottle cap (those of 5 liters); 1 pliers for drilling; line (can be leftovers); crochet hook of suitable number for the thread and 2 beads or beads. I chose black and white acrylic thread and ethnic wooden beads in the same colors.

1. Punch holes in the lid on the entire side

2. Tie the white thread in one of the holes and work 3 sc in each one. Close round with sl st

3. Over each sc make a dc. Close the row with a sl st

4. Join the black thread and make a sc row (careful – do not cut the white thread because you will work alternating colors, the threads cross on the wrong side of the piece)

5. Repeat rows 2 and 3 2 more times

6 • Make a loop (1dc, 1 ch skipping a base stitch…)

7. Pout. I made 1 sl st, 3 ch, and 2 dc in each arch.

7. Make a string, pass it through the thread and secure the beads at both ends. The coin purse is ready, you can put the coins in it.

In the photo above you can see all the details: the bottom (lid), the beginning of the body of the bag (the stitches made in the holes) and the beads on the string.

Of course, this PAP is just a guideline. You can work with just one color or with more colors. You can change the stitches, the pout, the string, decorate with flowers, butterflies, etc, etc… Just let your imagination run wild.

Krio-linha, Cape Verde

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