Needlefelt mending - WoolFiller

By means of minuscule scales, the non-woven wool attaches itself mechanically to the jumper. Woolfiller becomes a putty that ‘fills’ a hole, much like a carpenter’s filler.⁣

Simple scarf fix

1. Take a bit of Woolfiller in a matching or contrasting colour.
2-3. Felt the patch of wool. Cut out a 'band-aid' of wool.
4. Pin it into the scarf with the felting needle.

Car upholstery repairs

The roof lining of Henk Sloetjes’s Cadillac was full of moth holes. For twenty years he looked for a way to mend the damage. Woolfiller came and repaired. The battle against the passage of the time has been temporarily won.⁣

Another scarf repair

Woolfiller, Netherlands

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Woolfiller aka Wool Filler repairs holes and hides stains in wool sweaters, cardigans, jackets, carpets and so on.

Heleen Klopper is a product designer. Sustainability, repair and tradition are key concepts in her practice. She investigates the materiality of textiles in relation to the body and as a mediator between people and their environment.
Other projects she is working on are Made to Mend and De Nieuwe Huishoudschool .

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