Needlefelt repairs - Denim

My denim & woolfiller experience:
In my opinion it doesn't really work, repairing jeans with Woolfiller. I regret the fact that the wool isn't merging with the denim like wool on wool does. And since tears and worn out patches are most of the time on spots with a lot of tension in the fabric, the non woven repair wouldn't stand the powers. But…
I own this denim skirt (Gap), made of a very loosely woven cotton. The open structure allows the wool to attach to the fabric. So in this case it works quite well. Here's what I did:
I first reinforced the damaged spot with needle and yarn. The white frays were dyed black with a permanent marker (to prevent white fibre to bleed through the wool that is going to be attached next ).
I pre-felted two patches before I punched them into the skirt (like a band aid on a wound). The first one I punched from the outside to the inside, the second from the inside to the front.
After doing this I realized a triangle in this crotch area isn't working very well, so I attached some extra wool to create an asymmetrical form.
Much better.

Woolfiller, Netherlands

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Woolfiller aka Wool Filler repairs holes and hides stains in wool sweaters, cardigans, jackets, carpets and so on.

Heleen Klopper is a product designer. Sustainability, repair and tradition are key concepts in her practice. She investigates the materiality of textiles in relation to the body and as a mediator between people and their environment.
Other projects she is working on are Made to Mend and De Nieuwe Huishoudschool .

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