Postcard Teapot stand

A Teapot stand

Use 60 0r 70 pieces o paper 5.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide (old post cards are good).

In step 5 pick up the flap between the layers to make step 6. Make all the pieces in the same way and combine them one by one as in steps 7 and 8. Fold along the P-line and tuck the end into the crease as shown in the figure.

The Japanese have long used this origami as a teapot-stand.

The Public Paperfolding History Project


This project aims to collect information from verifiable historical sources from which a more reliable narrative of the development of paperfolding can be shaped, and to make it publicly available for everyone to study and enjoy.

It is David Mitchell’s intention to record everything he can discover about paperfolding history up to and including 1970 and some later events such as the history of modular origami design.

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