Recycled Corrugated roofing sheets

Gujarat-based Daman Ganga Paper Mills has innovated on a new technique to recycle Tetrapak into reusable building material such as roof sheets, furniture, etc. Shredded Tetrapak and plastic material are dried and cleaned. The shreds are then spread between two polythene sheets and laid on a hot press bed. Once the sheets emerge from the press, they are give a wave-form shape and left to dry. Daman Ganga’s Tuff Roof sheets actually better than the conventional fibrocement and corrugated G.l. sheets they replace. They are waterproof, rustproof, and absorb much less heat.


Daman Ganga Tuff Roof

Polyethylene Aluminium Composite Roof Sheets

A new advancement in the roofing sheets segment, is one step ahead of the conventional fibrocement and G.l.corrugated sheets. A premium product from the house of Daman Ganga, Tuff Roof sheets have very high flexion resistance and zero water absorption properties. Manufactured in a state of the art production until, Tuff Roof sheets offer a host of structural and technical benefits over other similar products.A composition of polyethylene and aluminium material, Tuff Roof sheets have a range of applications, more common being rooftops.

Manufactured from recycled materials. Impressive list of other properties;

  • Unbreakable
  • Fire retardant
  • Low heat absorption properties
  • Anti fungal
  • Excellent illumination – semi reflective
  • Crack free
  • Ease of installation
  • Better disposable value
  • Savings in structural fabrication costs
  • Zero water absorption

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Another video from Daman Ganga. it says products are recycled plastics, but the examples at the end look very much like they are made from composite cartons.

Daman Ganga Group, India


Daman Ganga group has varied interests in the production of Paper Board, Paper Cores and Tubes, Paper Cones, Fibre Drums. The group has paper and board plants as well as conversion plants located in Vapi, South Gujarat, India.

The core business of the group is centered at paper production and recycling. The group has this experience since the last 25 years.

The group exports its various products to East African Countries, Middle East Countries, and Neighbouring Countries.

At DAMAN GANGA, we specialize in recycling of “difficult to recycle” packaging products.

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