Recycled packaging

Here I am to show you the recycling jobs made with empty packaging of various colors, sizes and formats.

This time, I always made the finishes in the same color as the plastic. All purses, coin purses or “anything-other-thing” purses (lol) close with tie ribbons. In the following photos you can see each one of them in detail.

↑ I was a bottle of shampoo...
↑ I was a bottle of rose-scented body milk. In fact, despite being washed very well with hot water and neutral detergent, I still have a very good rose scent...
... I'm "chubbier" than the others, so I can be used as a makeup bag :)
We were a couple (shampoo + conditioner) who took care of curly hair↑
↑ Inside me was nail polish remover. They took advantage of the relief of my shape to cut the peak... wasn't it cute??

These days I’m really inspired! Just look at these little bags or, if you want, “anything” holder that is more “IN”. 

The original version is an empty bottle destined for the trash can.

With very sharp scissors I cut the jar to the desired size and shape.

A pliers suitable for this type of work made the holes equidistantly. Pliers is very naughty and refused to do this job alone… I had to help him (lol)

Around the opening I crocheted a little hem with black thread and then just put a thick bead for the clasp.

The green bag was made following the same process. I really liked the transparency of the fluorescent green. I have empty bottles in several other colors and shapes, I hope to come back soon to show you the result of their recycling 😀

A coin purse

It’s the model of Sandra Simião (Ninha Crochet) (link no longer available) that I’ve done before.

I used two transparent lids (from peanut cans), a 20 cm white zip and two beads.

I crocheted with pink sedified thread.
In the photo above the coin purse is open and the bottom is closed.

Two more recycled caps, for the benefit of our sea, our dolphins, our turtles, in short… our planet 🙂

Transparent coin purse

I made another coin purse by recycling caps. This time I used two caps of pringles (yum yum… they are really good chips – lol).

I liked this one much more than the one posted on March 23 (made with Tuli caps).
Because they are transparent lids, it was pretty funny. The caps are thin which made the coin purse thicker.
A clear view on the coins even before opening it.



This time yes, I made Sandra Simião’s purse (Ninha Croche) and it was as you can see in the photo below. I made it with two chocolate spreadable cream caps.

For the crocheted part I chose 3 different colors: turquoise blue (to match the color of the caps), orange and yellow.

I made the two halves the same, sewed the zipper and only then crocheted the two parts together.
I didn’t like the way it turned out and so I made two circles, with the same colors, which I applied on both sides of the coin purse, that is, in the center of the caps.
I think it was too “fat” for a purse but it can be very useful to store other things, such as a lipstick, a small mirror, sweets etc…

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