Crochet hooks with a new look (recycling/customisation)

Last night one of my TULIP needles broke. I loved working with that needle. “No! I won’t be without her”, I thought to myself.
So I took a short thick pen, took out the cartridge, fitted the half needle and fixed it with hot glue (gun).
I had done something similar a while ago when I didn’t want to part with a beautiful pen my kids had given me. The ink ran out and I couldn’t find a refill to replace it. So I took one of those thin metallic needles (and that sometimes hurts your fingers when you work for a long time with them) “dressed” my beautiful pen and fixed it using the hot glue gun. It’s a very special needle for me because it was made with a pen that my treasures gave me.

And so I recycled a broken needle, improved one that hurt me and even recycled two beautiful pens that didn’t write anymore – HAPPY!

Krio-linha, Cape Verde

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Tania Romualdo, Cape Verde
I’m a mother, I’m a daughter, I’m a sister, I’m an aunt, I’m a friend, I’m a woman. I’m Creole… I love creating with thread… hence the name of my project – Krio-Linha !!!

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