Recycling Idea for Plastic Bottles

How to make a storage container using a plastic bottle

I’ve seen this idea somewhere on the internet and I noticed that in mind. It was not easy to get plastic bottles because I do not buy them if the product is also available in glass bottles.

You take a plastic bottle and cut off the upper part, as much as you want, and make holes in the top end.

In case of hard plastic, you need a drill,
with thin plastic use a hole punch.
The holes should be as close as possible, about 0.2 in, and drilled in regular spaces.

Now the fun creative part begins. With crochet hook and yarn you can make the top as you want. Work single crochet through the holes and from the next row you can form the closing part. It would be good to increase stitches in the first row, so that the opening will be a little wider and more comfortable to use.

In the last row, I have alternately worked 2 dc, 2 chains, skip 1 stitch, 2 dc and used a crochet chain for closure. So you can hang the container on a hook. I have decorated them with a crochet button and crocheted flowers and the green in the middle with beads. In girlies playroom there is no shortage of stuff that you could pack in the storage containers.

Even if you can re-use plastic bottles but in first place:


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