PET & Co.

Polyethylene and cotton are our valuables and raw materials: Use crochet hooks to create funny upcycling products from plastic bottles and yarn. In addition to an insight into the different lives of a PET bottle, you can deepen your knowledge of plastics, textile fibers and crochet technology.

technology – cut, punch, crochet

level  – medium


  •  Empty 1.5 liter PET bottle
  •  Template strips for Catania
  • adhesive strips
  • Cotton yarn for needle size 3 ½ – 4 ½  (e.g. Media or Tissa yarn)
  • 30 cm cord
  • cord stopper


  • scissors
  • punch pliers
  • Crochet hook size 2, 2½ or 3
  • Wool and sewing needle


1 The empty bottle in the desired cut size.

2 Cut out a template strip and Glue to the cut edge of the bottle. eg Hole spacing: 8mm

3 The hole spacing at the strip transition check and adjust if necessary.

4 Punch the holes with the punch pliers. eg Hole Diameter: 3mm, Number of holes: 36

5 Detach the template strip.

6 Crochet 1 single crochet per hole. eg  Tissa yarn, Crochet hook size 3, 36 stitches

7 Crochet 7 rounds of single crochet stitches. eg  Size 3½ or 4 crochet hook

8 A round 1 single crochet, 1 chain stitch crochet. eg 18 sc

9 Sew off all threads.

10 Pull in the cord and install th ecord stopper. Knot the cord ends together.


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