Snapology icosahedron instructions

This workshop provides an introduction to the Snapology Technique. This technique, invented by Heinz Strobl (Germany), makes beautiful polyhedra. Paper strips or ribbons are folded to form rectangular prisms which appear extruded from the edges of the base polyhedron. Once the technique is understood, it is possible to create an endless number and type of polyhedra. Participants will learn the basic technique and use it to make an icosahedron.

Faye Goldman, USA


I have been doing origami since elementary school. I was drawn to modular origami by its structure and mathematical properties. This is the medium in which I generally work. More recently, I found the Snapology technique by H. Strobl, which allows great creativity with very few rules using only strips of material. I like to use beautiful ribbon which seems to add another dimension to my work. Snapology has allowed me to dig deeply into mathematical shapes. It has provided insights into mathematical concepts and ideas. I recently published ‘Geometric Origami’ which explains the technique. The bottom line is that I make these wonderful works because they look really cool.

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