Transform Avocado Stones into Beautiful Pendants!

Besides the cost of tools and the avocado seed, which you would probably have thrown out any way, this is a free creative project that ignites inspiration.

I imagine this would be a great activity to share with teenage girls…

Step 1.

Cut open an avocado. I usually just slice a little opening off the top instead of the traditional way of spitting the avocado in half.  This helps keeps the rest of the flesh fresh if you aren’t going to eat the whole thing in one sitting. It also ensures that you don’t accidentally slice the seed.



Step 2.

Eat and enjoy the avocado, or scoop out the flesh and use it in a raw recipe.

Step 3.

Wash any remaining flesh off the seed, hopefully the avocado you have chosen will have a largish seed. You can get stuck into carving it straight away, however if it sits and waits for you to find some free time, it will still be fine to carve. They will begin to harden in more than 2 weeks.

Step 4.

Gently peel off the skin now or start peeling it off as you carve.

Step 5.

Gentle pry open the seed into two separate halves. This step is actually easier if you’ve let the seed dry out a little.


Step 6.

Draw a design onto the skin to follow or just make it up as you go.

Step 7.

Using a v-shaped lino carving tool, dig into the seed. Pay close attention to keeping the surfaces you want to leave behind scratch free.

Step 8.

Using a large ball pointed needle, create a hole in the top of the avocado seed to later thread through to attach your beautiful pendant to your neck.

Step 9.

Leave the seed to dry out and change color. It will shrink a bit and harden up to the point that it feels like a soft wood.

Its now ready to wear. The seed will continue to change slightly with the natural oils from your skin making it even more radiant. Eat, create, live, love, raw…


* You can inlay stones into your seed, simply by carving out a hole slightly larger then the stone into the seed and placing the stone in while the seed is still ‘wet’ and as it drying it will shrink around the stone, clasping it in. You can also create two holes at the top for threading through.

This inspirational creative challenge comes to you from Raw Mom Ruth, barefoot in beautiful Australia.

Ruther Hofer, Australia


Ruth Hofer is a visual artist working primarily within the discipline of collage and mixed media. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (majoring in Printmaking) from QCA in Brisbane, Australia, and has studied woodblock printing at undergraduate level in Canada. She took a decade long sabbatical from her art career to focus on family. With all her four children now at school, Ruth is back in the studio close to her home in the eclectic and creative town of Byron Bay. She seeks to use her creativity as a catalyst for personal contemplation, inspiring meaningful connections to something greater than the individual self . She is interested in sustainable art practices, working mostly on recycled and reclaimed surfaces.

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