Weaving with Inner Tubes - 3 way

6 sided figures makes a flat surface, 5 sided figures makes a rounding or corner!

When you want to make a basket, then first build a flat mat. If it is big enough you can add some corners to go in height. These corners are not the 6 sided figures, but I use a 5 sided figure.

6 sided figure

Follow the pictures to see how the chains are made.

From a 3 way pinwheel to a 6 side figure, with on each side again a linking loop.
These 6 sided rounds lays always flat.

5 sided figure

The ball is build with 5 sided rounds.

Starting with a 5 side round. On this round you make 5 other rounds. Put the golfball inside the half figure. Make another 5 rounds, they form together the last hole. The last link of the ball, you can’t close on the normal way. You have to cut the loop at the end and sew it with black yarn.

When you look at a soccerball, how it is build with pentagons and hexagons, you get inspired for more ideas.

3 way reverse weave



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