Weaving with Inner Tubes - 4 way

Instructable by Hans, from the Netherlands. Likes to making all sorts of things with leather, firehose, innertube, braid and more. Normally works with used materials to give them a second life in a new idea.

Explains the opportunities of the loops cutting from innertube. The variations of different weaving in a flat and 3D way.

There are a lot of possibilities to make a net structure with innertube loops. You don’t have to use innertubes, all materials which can be cut into loops and have enough flexibility are useful for weaving, such as fire hose, elastic bands, loombands, milk cartons, toilet paper rolls, kitchen paper rolls, hair elastic bands, rubber wristbands etc. The material needs to be strong enough for your project.

The Basics of Weaving With Innertube Loops

It is important that the ratio between width and length has to be 1 : 4 .
So it doesn’t mater how long the loops are, in the gap of the loop has to fit 4 loops without any effort ( see picture).
The links you make are 3 way or 4 way pinwheels.

Tools and materials
– cutting mat
– metal ruler
– sharp knife
– crochet needle ( not really neccesary)
– innertube
And a little bit of patience!

4 way

The pictures show the basic weave and how you make the corners for your project.

For a reverse weave project see Fire Hose mat



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