CD bag

I made a beautiful little bag that I finished tonight. For the finish, a little peak that I also continued around the strap. I made flowers and leaves, also in polypropylene, and glued them to one side of the bag with a hot glue gun. Finally, a few beads in the center of the flowers.

The body of the bag is made up of 2 CDs. I chose a polypropylene line in a very nice burgundy tone. I crocheted around the two CDs and then worked two more rounds in mpa around them. I crocheted them together, leaving an opening.

On the back I left it like this, simple, so you can see the CD well. The side view (pictured below) shows the thickness of the pouch.

Despite being small (which makes it even more elegant) you can take everything you need on a night out – keys, cell phone, driving license, booklet and ID card, a pack of tissues and a lipstick. There is no room for a coin purse: the money and/or credit card goes in the middle of the booklet.

Krio-linha, Cape Verde

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Tania Romualdo, Cape Verde
I’m a mother, I’m a daughter, I’m a sister, I’m an aunt, I’m a friend, I’m a woman. I’m Creole… I love creating with thread… hence the name of my project – Krio-Linha !!!

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