Recycle, recycle, recycle...

On my mini vacation I made this beautiful bag. It’s a WIM (work in mind) that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but I had to be patient to gather the necessary material.

This work was done with bags of rice. They are bags that carry 5 kg of fragrant rice. I gathered 10 to start my work.

The first step was to prepare the “line”. It was a hassle and my kitchen (where I carried out this stage of the work) was in a disgraceful state because when cutting the bags they frayed and everything was full of little pieces of plastic.

The “line” looked like this ↓

The execution of the work was not very easy. On the first attempt, the “line” fell apart. Then I decided to work by joining a strand of acrylic thread in the same color as the plastic. It worked! And you can barely see the thread through the recycled material. In the photo below, a detail of the result…

After making the body of the bag, I continued crocheting with yellow wool (same shade as the plastic) to make a built-in handle. It was made with mpa, in circular rows and left an opening, on both sides, to hold. The last row was made in crab stitch.

For the lining I chose cotton fabric with a tiny yellow and white checkered pattern.
The bag for the telelé, this time, was made of fabric and applied with thread in a contrasting color and zig-zag stitch. The tag was placed using the same technique.

The bag was a lot of work but the end result was very beautiful. When I add a few more bags I will certainly do more jobs like this.
Taking advantage of the sewing machine I took to prepare the lining of the bag, I immediately made two little linings for the bags in the photo that follows. They had been ready for a long time, waiting to be finished.

Krio-linha, Cape Verde

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Tania Romualdo, Cape Verde
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