Holiday Tree Mechanical Card

Here’s a zesty project—a holiday tree mechanical card with twinkling garland! You can send holiday cheer AND feel satisfied that you are creating this card from reused materials. This project requires one cereal box and several small pieces of interesting paper, and can be assembled in under an hour. How will you decorate YOUR tree? The closed size is 4.5″ x 6.25″.

You will also need an xacto or craft knife, a cutting mat, a ruler, strong craft glue, and low-tack tape.

Shawn Sheehy


My books are pop-ups. I enjoy working sculpturally within the book format. Pop-up books have great potential to grab and hold attention.

I research, write, illustrate, engineer, design, assemble, and bind.

I teach paper engineering Workshops regularly.

I sell DIY instructions for making pop-ups at your own pace. You’ll find them in my Store.

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