This weird wonderful invention is a pixalator, it might already be here under another name / form, but in my trawling through this site I haven’t seen anything like it.. Basically it gives TV watching a whole new dimension..

To start, collect a LOT of toilet rolls, just the cardboard tube bit.. You may need to enlist the help of your friends here, it takes a fair few loo rolls depending on the size of your TV..
Next, find yourself a cardbaord box big enough to cover the screen of your TV.. Cut it so you just have the frame, not top or bottom & it’s as long as a loo roll..
Get enough cheap white fabric to cover the box.. Cover one opened side of the box with white fabric, staple, glue, stick it on to keepit there fairly tightly..
Fill up the empty space with loo rolls..
And then stick it over the screen of the telly..
Flick off the lights & switch on the tube.. And watch the light display!! As the image moves over the screen the colours on the fabric change.. I guess it’s kinda like a super cheap Lava lamp!! For the bext result, don’t sit directly in front of the TV, if you sit off to the side it’s much cooler..

Hope these instructions make sense..



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