ReMake your own necktie cell phone case!

In this project I’ll show you how to turn an outdated necktie into a super-fun gadget case.
This project is perfectly “suited” for Father’s Day or any occasion. Don’t just recycle it, ReMake It!


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description: This project is perfectly “suited” for dressing up those outdated ties in the back of the closet. At one time those big, polyester stripes were just in style. It’s time to refashion that tie and create an accessory that will dress up any gadget. It’s perfect for a cell phone, small digital camera, or even as simple wallet. And since the supplies are free, you’ll be green and save some green at the same time.

– necktie
– ruler
– fabric scissors
– large button (about 1 inch in diameter)
– needle and thread or sewing machine
– ponytail holder or 3 inches of elastic cord

1. Lay the tie on a flat surface, the wrong (seamed) side facing up. With your ruler, measure 12.5 inches from the bottom point of the tie. With your washable marker, draw a line across the tie at that point, and cut with scissors. Set the upper, skinny portion of the tie aside for another project.

2. With the wrong side of the tie still facing up, make a fold .5 inches down from the cut end. Sew in place with a running stitch.

3. Flip the tie back over onto its right side. Place a large button about 2 inches down from the sewn edge. Sew this button into place.

4. Flip the tie over so the wrong side is facing up and the pointed end points away from you. Fold up the bottom 4 inches of the tie and stitch up the left and right edges to form a pocket. The button should be on the front and center of this pocket.

5. Tie the ends of a 3-inch piece of thin elastic cord together in a double knot, or use a ponytail holder. Attach this piece to the project by sewing the knotted end of the cord, or any part of the ponytail holder, onto the inside edge of the pointed tip of the tie. The pointed end of the tie is now a top flap to the gadget case and the elastic cord is now the fastener. Flip down the flap and hook the cord over the button to secure your gadget in the necktie holder. This new necktie case will really dress up your favorite gadget!

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